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Kalpa Taru is environmentally aware and compliant. We place the greatest importance on using sustainable woods and materials. We strictly adhere to international standards and regulations for manufacture and export. Our woods are either recycled or sourced from certified sustainable government plantations. You can rest assured that your order is NOT endangering tropical forests.

In Praise of

For more than one thousand years the many superior qualities and beauty of teak have made it one of the most desirable woods in the world, an honor which continues until this day. In ancient Indonesia the name for teak - jati - was a noble title synonymous with honor and everlasting beauty. Its golden hues, fine grain, durability and strength have been praised and prized by craftsmen, artists, princes and paupers. Teak wood would also play an inordinate role in shipbuilding in the age of adventure when great sailing ships crossed the vast oceans.


Today it is still the first choice for the decks of the most expensive yachts and cruise boats, buildings, furniture and furnishings. It was such a desirable and strategic commodity that it was one of the main causes the British attack on the kingdom of Mandalay in today’s Myanmar.


At Kalpa Taru we handle teak wood with the respect it deserves and recommend it as the material of choice.

Indonesia boasts more than 300 species of wood and other materials that can be used in architecture and furniture. These include rattan, bamboo and a variety of palm woods. Kalpa Taru also works in other wood types including reclaimed Javanese rosewood (sonokeling), iron wood (kayu ulin) and many more. 

Other Wood
Sacred Metals:

Panch Datu

High quality furniture requires high quality fixtures. In its attention to detail, Kalpa Taru has enlisted the aid of a talented team of metal smiths. These artisans belong to an ancient tradition of metallurgy dating back to the Bronze Age where each metal is seen as a sacred material with its own distinct personality and characteristics. Together copper, bronze, brass, silver and gold are known as the Panch Datu or the Five Sacred Metals.

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Polishing and Finishing
As so many things the secret of achieving great results is taking the time to do it right.  The first aim is to bring out the natural beauty of the material. Finishes are also designed to fit your taste and color scheme and ensures durability. Our palette includes distressing, bleaching, staining, lacquers, varnishes, polyurethanes, shellacs and many more. 

The Tactile
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